How strange we look and see ourselves

or maybe not at all

Only our biggest failures and smallest

successes make it to the surface

Reflections of what we want and aren’t,

never of the beauty that goes unnoticed

The every day victories of breathing

Of surviving one more day in this world

that isn’t always kind or faithful

Which often denies us the positivity

our souls are starving for

With this I urge you to look again

and see the goodness. The warrior.

The innocence you have deep within

Child-like wonder that has grown dormant

Silence the wicked voice that whispers:



Insert adjectives of your inner critic here

Eradicate those from your personal dictionary

These lies deserve nothing but your dismissal

Find the light in your existence. It’s there.

Seek in life only what fuels that light

Don’t ever let it dim or die

Tectonic Place

Every man is an island.

Sun rays dance on the sands of silence

The glowing grace of the artful absence

of other souls and senseless madness

Until the light begins to fade

Broken bits that once fit all drift away

The illusion of peace at once decays

giving way to an untethered terrain



Maybe I like being haunted sometimes

Peace isn’t always the most capturing story to tell

There’s something about spilling your demons

Pouring them on paper, further away from you

Where they can’t touch you

Sharing them with others

Thinking they might play well together


I feel it creeping up, staring at me out of the corner of my eye

I smile but feel the weight of the muscles I pull on in an attempt to push the mist away

It remains

Just yesterday a friend said I was glowing and I wonder: will I still glow in the dark?

Prompt: Laughter

You laughed the stars
Into the sky
How lucky am I
To witness the constellation before me
Your eyes as the sea
The sun like your skin
And even warmer within
Heart of gold, nothing cold
Save the absence of you
A world in which that would not do


Time is a continuum

But death stops it in its tracks

If just for a moment

The continents still

Traffic quiets, rivers halt

If just for a moment

Words are silenced

Breaths are bleak

If just for a moment

As if a cardiac hiccup attempts

To keep us close to our loved one

If just for one last moment