Maybe I like being haunted sometimes

Peace isn’t always the most capturing story to tell

There’s something about spilling your demons

Pouring them on paper, further away from you

Where they can’t touch you

Sharing them with others

Thinking they might play well together


I feel it creeping up, staring at me out of the corner of my eye

I smile but feel the weight of the muscles I pull on in an attempt to push the mist away

It remains

Just yesterday a friend said I was glowing and I wonder: will I still glow in the dark?

Prompt: Laughter

You laughed the stars
Into the sky
How lucky am I
To witness the constellation before me
Your eyes as the sea
The sun like your skin
And even warmer within
Heart of gold, nothing cold
Save the absence of you
A world in which that would not do


Time is a continuum

But death stops it in its tracks

If just for a moment

The continents still

Traffic quiets, rivers halt

If just for a moment

Words are silenced

Breaths are bleak

If just for a moment

As if a cardiac hiccup attempts

To keep us close to our loved one

If just for one last moment

Part II: Off to a Land of White Coats

Wired clamps and a gown

Five hours of blood tests drawn

Beeping ekgs and medical noises

Referred to an expert

My valves and arteries

Are anatomically examined

I walk then jog then huff and puff

On a treadmill to get blood going

And for seven days, the behavior

Of my red and suspicious organ

Is examined and recorded

I see a white coat once more

I wonder what’s occurring within

Beneath the surface of my skin

He tells me what I’ve waited for

It’s all in my head; a civil war

My brain is deceivingly to blame

And my heart is healthfully innocent

Part 1: A Pounding Heart

Woke me up with a start

Fifteen after six on a Sunday

On an early morning in May

My breath matched the beat

I lied flat on my sheets

Just breathed. Wait. You’re okay.

The intake of air calmly slowed

My lungs and my mind

Attempted to calm the racing rate

But to no avail; I rose up

Twenty-seventh year of life

Unsteadiness began to run rife


cracks across the sky. Bright veins of light branch out and crawl along the horizon. The world is quiet save for the leaves popping against flat surfaces, blown about by modestly growing gusts. Illumination highlights the silhouettes of the brave and curious souls out wandering, pondering. Observing nature’s electricity. Go inside, they said. You’ll be safer, they said. Oh, but safety doesn’t always equal beauty.